Picture of the Sunset

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Picture of the Sunset

Post by mrswilliams on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:25 am

God Bless You all for taking the time out to read over and respond to my dream

I was in my bed but, I was typing something on the computer and I decided I wanted a picture to go with it. So I grabbed the camera and begin to take a picture of the Sunset outside. I remember thinking it's not clear enough so as I opened the glass door to take a clearer picture I took a step outside and realized I was in water. It was a pool of water it wasn't too deep I could float in it. I looked over the side of me and saw these other individuals in the pool as well. They were reading and having Bible study in the pool. The Bible was floating on the water and they were really into it. I remebered thinking wow they are really reading the Bible in the pool and as I began to turn around to go back inside someone began to wrestle and play with me in the pool. The individual was dressed just like me so it was if I was wrestling with myself. I wasn't afraid or anything we were just wrestling and when I finally got loose and went back into my room there were 2 people inside cooking. They were cooking alot of meat and we only had 1 package of bread so I began to tell them about the bible study in the pool and they didn't really seem interested. They continued cooking but, I kept insisting that I could go and get more bread and that we needed bread to go with the meal. As I was saying this 3 men walked inside from the pool of water and just walked straight through the room as if we weren't there. They didn't say anything I just remembered thinking "How rude they didn't ask me to take this short cut" Then I woke up..

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