Tornado Of Fire

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Tornado Of Fire

Post by JackieG on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:13 pm

Three months ago I had a dream that I was in the beach with my granddaughter and I could sense it was 5:00pm. I also sensed that it was time to go. In my dream I told my granddaughter, its time to go. I took her to the bathroom with the showerhead to rinse so, that I can remove the sand, but I noticed in my dream that the bathroom showerstall was right at the edge of the beach and as I was dressing my granddaughter I noticed a huge "Fire Tornado" coming towards all of us at the beach. I then notice in the middle of the ocean the tonado stop and it was just spinning, but not moving forward and the waters were calm. In my dream I notice that I came out of the bathroom showerstall and stood right at the edge of the water with very few people who notice the fire tonado and the rest of the people were still laying down sunbathing at the beach and only a few noticed the fire tonado! What could this possible mean?


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