New Born Baby and a car seat

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New Born Baby and a car seat

Post by chasel27 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:31 pm

I had a dream that I was walking and holding this beautiful new born baby boy against my chest. I knew that the baby's name was John. Then I had to go to walmart and get him a car seat because my friend was telling me that I couldn't ride with him in the car without a car seat. So I went to walmart and purchased one. But the car seat that I got was one that an older baby would ride in or a toddler. I was so in love with this baby.

Last year my daughter had a dream me having twin boys and I named one after the father K'John and one Kendrick. Kendrick was one of the names that I actually thought of if I had a son that I would name him, but I never told anyone about this. It was simply a random thought.

I recently been praying about direction in my life. To continue working full-time and go part-time to school. And also about leaving my boyfriend.

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