The Attack

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The Attack

Post by Gissy2 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:33 pm

I dreamt that I saw my mother getting attacked by 2 animals, one was a lion and the other a bear I think. Before the attack, I knew it was going to happened it was like I saw it before it happened. I was standing by and I saw the lion leap for my mother and he got her right at the throat. In the dream I had the power to stop the attack, I tried to pull the lion off but the damage was already there. Next scene my father, who is now deceased, I knew he was walking into an apartment with robbers who wanted to cause harm. He was walking in with a group of people. I tried to call out to him to warn him but my voiced was drown out. In both cases I saw the trouble but was unable to reach them in time.
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