the lice and the insects

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the lice and the insects

Post by owen on Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:34 pm

In my dream, I was in a covered court and I saw a 5-year old boy in a distance. There were other people but this boy caught my attention. Thinking that he was my son, so I walked towards him. As I was in front of him, I said to myself that I was wrong, he is not my son, he just looked like my son. I was surprised what I saw on his hair. He had lice creeping on his hair, big enough to be noticed. While I was observing, two different insects appeared on the surface, so I presumed that those two insects came underneath the hair. I knew that those insects were fed by the lice. One was green that looked like a cockroach, and the other was black that looked like an ant. Then, I told him, you have to get rid of those things on your head, boy! And I woke up. I dont have any idea what it means but until right now this dream is fresh in my mind.

Thanks for helping me understand this!!! javascript:emoticonp('hee hee')

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