Christmas trip dream

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Christmas trip dream

Post by cherylhawaii on Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:23 pm

I have been praying and fasting for the Lord to tell me what specific ministry He has for me. I have been told there is something He has for ME to do but I've been too busy helping everyone else with their ministries. They told me it is some kind of humanitarian thing for the local people (I live in Hawaii, born and raised 3rd or 4th generation).

My dream: Me, my husband and my parents went on a trip to Molokai for Christmas. (my oldest son lives there for 2 years now) We arrived and were waiting with a lot of people for the transportation to take us to our very upscale hotel that was on a top of a mountain. There were so many people waiting that I was wondering how long we would have to wait. The car finally came and it was something like a limo-front seat, back seat and then they loaded luggage in the rest of it but it wasn't in a closed trunk. They took me and my parents and our luggage but my husband had wandered off. As we were leaving I saw my husband come back so I asked the driver if we had room for one more but he said "no" and that he would just have to be picked up on another run. There were so many people waiting that I was surprised we were able to get on first and I was hoping my husband (Allen) wouldn't have to wait too long or be last. As we rode to the hotel I tried to call my son (Jimmy)to tell him we were here so he could come see us but I couldn't get a cell phone signal. Then I saw Chris (the guy my son used to stay with on Molokai, kind of his mentor). Chris was fishing but was also running around fast from spot to spot. I rolled down my window and when he was close I yelled his name. He looked up and came nearer. I asked him if he could please tell Jimmy we were here and to come to the hotel because I couldn't call reach him by phone. He said he would. We got to the hotel and then our room and it was a very nice room but when we looked for the 2nd bedroom it was odd because you had to go through the master bedroom to get to it and there was only one bathroom that we had to all share. Also the 2nd bedroom looked kind of like a nursery. There were several twin beds and even a few cribs. It was a big room with these beds all over the place. I was trying to figure out if I could put 2 beds together because it was not going to be comfortable for me to sleep in a twin bed. Later when I looked outside it looked like it was snowing (of course it doesn't snow on Molokai) and there were a lot of people outside. I was hoping Jimmy would come soon.

Appreciate any help with this. I usually dream around 4 dreams a night. I will post another I had on this same night next.

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