2 very similar dreams: refrigerator

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2 very similar dreams: refrigerator

Post by redeeminglove on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:49 pm

i had 2 very similar dreams within a few nights of each other:

Dream 1: I am at a pool with numerous older ladies. We are walking in the water, and the water is dark and about knee deep. i walk through the water, and come to a refrigerator. i pull out a greenish bottle of alcohol, open the lid and then stop and put it back in the refrigerator and leave it there.

Dream 1: I am at a hotel with many girls from church (this particular hotel was the same hotel in which a friend had her bridal shower, she is now married and pregnant) and her name is Carla. i can name about five girls who were there. We are around a pool, but never get in it. I talk to a girl who just got married, her name is Caitie. She told me about how she was pregnant but miscarried her baby. The next thing I know, we are leaving in my friend's white truck. Girls pile in the front, and I go into the back with another girl (i do not know her). As my friend drives off, we notice the tailgate is down, and that there is an ice chest on the tailgate. The girl and I try to get the driver's attention, but no luck. We are both too scared to move it while the car is moving. The ice chest falls into the street. The car is still driving and Caitlin gets out and works her way to the back of the car while it is still moving and closes the tailgate. She then gets back into the truck.

Any ideas?
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