Latino Soldier in a Warehouse?

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Latino Soldier in a Warehouse?

Post by Squishy1102 on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:01 am

Second dream...sometime during the first few months of 2010...

I'm in this giant warehouse...but it's like an auditorium inside..with rows of seats that go's filled with soldiers and civilians (women, men and children) There's a general down below at the podium and mini stage busy talking..I'm sitting next to two white, who's right next to me..and a latino soldier who's next to him...we're like really high up in the in the last few rows..and it was like the white soldier and I were in a relationship or I was happy..then he just vanished..and it was like something bad had happened between a fight or something..and I was angry with that was over.

I looked to my right, the latino soldier was looking at he sort of tried to reach out to me with his hand..and it was like he wanted to be in a relationship with me..and I took his right hand which he had reached out to me with..and I put it against my right cheek and I lovingly rubbed my cheek against his was such a sweet moment in the dream..I had never felt such feelings for a guy was like we were really in love..I didn't want that feeling to end..

and then I looked down toward the front of the auditorium down below..and the was actually like one of those automatic garage doors..that roll up..and it was like..water had started gushing from above it..forming a pool of water in front of the door..people didn't really panic..but I could sense the urgency of soldier got up and walked down the steps to the front to go and help the other soldiers to try and open the door...I kept my gaze on him..watching where he went..then I walked to the back of the try and find my way out...and I found 2 kids on their own...and I tried to save them..took them by the hand..and there was a 3rd child....

I looked down and saw that the soldiers had opened the door about 1 meter off the ground..and the pool went to the outside..and people were going in and swimming under while water still like waterfalled down..but I didn't want to go out that way..not under the I took the children to the staircase in the back..the staircase went down a long way..but instead I broke the window at the top of the stairs..kicked it in 3 times..and looked was too high I took the kids back into the auditorium..and I was looking around..there were, women and little groups kinda..talking..sitting fellowship I guess?

Then I decided to go to the front with the kids..but this woman..who was sitting angry with me..because one of the kids was hers..and I wanted to save them..she's like no..her kid stays there with I had to leave the kid behind..I grabbed the other two kids each by their hand..and led them down to the front..but on my way to the pool..two young women came up to me all happy..they were wet..they told me about how wonderful my soldier he saved he had helped them go through..and then they walked off..I got to the front..and there were people gathered there..talking to each other..i saw the general..

I took the kids and we went into the pool..and we went under and came out onto the other side..a street..there were no other buildings was like the street was in a desert kinda? and I took the kids to the other side of the street..and I looked over to see if I could see my soldier..there were red fire engines..and soldiers..helping people out of the water...I saw my soldier helping people out..and I longed for him.. Then I woke up..I didn't want the dream to end at was like I had to see him again..

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