Mystery Prince? Gold Rings?

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Mystery Prince? Gold Rings?

Post by Squishy1102 on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:55 am

First Dream... Before the end of 2009...

I'm in my old apartment flat..and I look T-shirt is old..has holes in it..especially a big hole..and I look up and there's my dad..he's all happy and excited..telling me there's an arabian prince coming to see me..Because he's fallen in love with me and wants to marry me...I feel angry and hurt..that my dad would be so happy about something like this..I don't know the prince..I don't love him..why would I want to marry him? and then the prince arrives.. I notice he's not ugly nor is he handsome..he's inbetween..has a stupid look on his face..blonde hair..and he's wearing red...and he's smiling at me....

Then on right side appears this guy that I know in real life..Phillipe (a guy I had feelings for at one time)..he looks latino kinda...and there's somebody right behind him..but I can't see who it's not a woman tho..I can tell it's a male..but it's like a shadow..and I think to myself why is Phillipe here? isn't he supposed to be getting married? (because in real life he was engaged..but had already married..) and he gives me two gold rings..asks me to keep them for him till he gets married..says he'll come back for them..I was in shock..really confused..why give the rings to ME to keep? when he's marrying someone else???? Then he walks off past me with the shadowy figure following right behind him..

Then I go into my bedroom and sit down on my bed..I put the rings on top of a box on top of my dressing table..I'm holding a feather duster in my hand..I'm supposed to be cleaning my room but I stare at these rings still in shock and confusion..and I can feel time passing around me...then I realise it's the day of the wedding..that Phillipe's supposed to be getting married today and he still hasn't come for his I grab the rings and walk out my room to go and find my parents to tell them..

I walk through the lounge to the dining room then down the passageway to their bedroom..but there is a sitting room in there???? (not like how our flat really was) and there's the prince sitting in there..and I look at him and think to myself..he's not so bad..then I start thinking..hmmm I like him..and he's smiling at me..and he comes up to me..and we're smiling sweetly at each other..he takes me by both hands and pulls me off into a small room/doorway on the right..and then I kiss him 3 times..but each time I really's like kissing plastic..and on the 3rd kiss I realize I feel absolutely nothing for this prince..there is no romantic feelings or chemistry..deadness...then I wake up..

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