moving into a new house (recurring dream)

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moving into a new house (recurring dream)

Post by jaenmari on Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:54 am

Hi there.

I have been having the same dream twice and my mother has also had the same dream as well as a friend's mother in a span of two weeks.

In the first dream my sister, friend and I are moving into a new apartment. We are going through the house and in the kitchen there is a large seethrough stove with oven. Inside the oven I can see the most lovely food cooking. mostly vegetables. As I move on through the house I find alot of bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom attached to it. As far as I go through the apartment the more bedrooms I discover and still there is a bathroom attached to each one. Then we get to a room that is stacked with clothes and my sister is sitting behing a desk with a sewing machine. She is sewing tracksuits almost like school uniforms and hanging them on rails almost like she wants to sell them. I move on through the apartment to another level. On this level there is a huge room and people are doing rehearsals for a musical play and there are a lot of students around. I get the feeling that the room is like a drama class or something. Then I go downstairs and find that I have a new car. It is an oldish car and it is red. My dad is checking it to see whether it is still in a good condition and my grandfather says it is but the handbreak needs to be adjusted. I am kind of scared that my dad won't let me have it, but to my surprise he accepts the change in car without any protest.

In the next dream my whole family is moving along with me. We are moving into my grandparent's old house from years back in another city. The city is Pretoria, South Africa. And again I discover more bedrooms with bathrooms attached to it. And there is always another level to go to with stairs. And I go up and up and up into more rooms with bedrooms. And eventually in one of the bathrooms there is a big shower and I walk into the shower and a man comes from behind with a gun or a knife (I forget which one) and I feel like he wants to attack me but I wake up before anything can happen.

My mother also dreamt that we are moving and it is also an apartment fully furnished and my dad has a new job. And this job is supplying us with this fully furnished apartment.

As well as a friend of mine's mother also had a dream that my sister and I are moving out of the apartment that we are currently living and our flatmate is crying terribly, because of how unexpected it was.

Any ideas?
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