Running home in the dark and a kiss.

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Running home in the dark and a kiss.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:44 am

Hi and blessings


I was working at some place and it was dark out. I wanted to run home it was a great distance from where I worked. I put on my tennshoes and started off towards home as I am ruunning I run into this lady at a stop sign and the lady says oh I need excercise I will run with you. I told her I did not want her running with me. I had a sense she was like a busy body and I am not into that but she started runing with me anyway. I ended up lost runing in the dark and I thought to myself how in the world could I get lost I know where I live. I was trying to get home to my husband who's name is John, (which IRL is my cousin John who is like my little borther. I seem to have allot of dreams with him in them.) holy moly Well so I turn around and head home running in a different direction the lady says to me, I am tired and she stops running with me which is good because she was a talker and I did not like it and was tired of listening. She grabs this little kid who I think is her gandson. Anyway so I finally find my way home to my husband John, and there is allot of people about. I finally see John and we go into a small kiss a couple of times then we go into a full blown Intimate kiss. i dunno Some other things happen with the people in our house they do not want to leae or something but I can not remeber.

ig hugs with thanks for any insight to this.
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