Possible Manifestation:Fishing in water and The Vow

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Possible Manifestation:Fishing in water and The Vow

Post by Paul RT on Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:44 am

I was standing on a pier in water up to my knees and fishing.

I latched onto what felt like a large fish, and I moved around the pier trying to bring it in.

In the second part of the dream I was meeting with former industry colleagues from my last employer and talking about being successful at my job.

I was then walking around the premises of my former employer and stumbled into a meeting called by the government department that my industry is funded by.

In the background I could hear the song "The Vow" by Geoff Moore.

The lyrics are:

"I could make a promise to you,
But that would be too easy to do.
You see I've made them before,
And broken them and they're no good anymore.
So I'll dig a little bit deeper,
Give you something you can keep
I will make a vow to you,
And it will never change no matter what I do.
Right here, right now,
In the midst of the crowd,
I stand alone and make my vow.
Whatever it takes I will be faithful
This is my vow.

As the words fall from my lips,
We both know the life I live,
How I stumble and fall,
How many times I land short of the call.
I will confess my inadequacy,
Throw myself into the mystery.
That somehow in the death of your love,
You will help me do what I'm not capable of.

Right here, right now,
In the midst of the crowd,
I stand alone and make my vow.
Whatever it takes I will be faithful.
Right here, right now,
Let there be no doubt.
Let every whisper, with every shout,
Let the whole world know I will be faithful,
This is my vow."

(see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7ZA3KYPNio&ob=av2e)

Possible manifestation:

I believe that this dream is possibly speaking to me about taking on a ministry involving speaking out boldly, and God is wanting me to step out in faith and to make a commitment to this ministry.
In the last year or two I have felt called to the role of Elder, however the Pastor of my current church responded at the time that he didn't think that the church was ready for Elders at that time.

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