Loren Green (Bonanza)

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Loren Green (Bonanza)

Post by vince merc on Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:20 am


I dreamed that I had met me Mr. Green and we were sitting having coffee. I was asking him many questions about his life. I remember being so excited just sitting and talking to him as he was an actor from a favorite TV show of mine. I told him that Bonanza was my favorite TV show of all time and how people from my church and others had given me Videoís and DVDís of many of the series shows. I even showed him what a DVD looked like as he would have never seen one. I do not know if I was back in his time or he in mine. I wanted to know as much about him as I could and asked many questions about him, his life and the show and finally asked him his age. I was taking notes of our conversation on a napkin or something. He was hesitant to tell me his age, but I think I had tears in my eyes as I explained that it was so important for me to know because one day I would look back to this day and it would be important for me to know how far back our visit went. He then said he was 70. I remember thinking to myself that I thought he had died in his 70ís. We finished our coffee and got up to leave, but before we left the building we were in he sat back on a lounge chair and hesitantly asked me a question. I forget how he brought it up, but as he hem-hawed around, I understood that what he wanted to know was when he died. I told him Hoss died at around 43 or 44 from kidney failure during an operation. I told him Little Joe died from cancer in his 70ís, but that he had made some wonderful wholesome movies and TV shows. I told him, pointing to a TV in the room, that today TV was bad and that we even had nudity on TV. He was shocked. Then I told him that he died in his 70ís. He seemed a bit relieved or happy knowing he had some time. We left the building and started walking down a busy street crossing the road when the light was green. Several of us walked off the sidewalk and started crossing, but he ran over and walked between the cross-walk lines laughing and saying that we had to walk between these. Again, I did not understand if he was in my time or I was back in his, but this event made me think he was in my time. Then I woke up.

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